Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicca's skin infection

Chicca has been aggravating her skin infection by constant licking - so she is now a bucket head (as you can see).
She doesn't like it and thinks I am an evil person for restricting her like this - but we hope it will only be for a couple of weeks.
She's on anti-biotics twice a day and an anti-inflammatory tablet once or sometimes twice a day.


Olive said...

Oh dear !! she looks so sad. Hope she gets better soon.

How to treat skin infection said...

Yes, She looks helpless.Hope she will be fine very soon.

Jock Itch Rash said...

Well, How sad and helpless she is.Hope that she recover soon.

freeranger said...

Unfortunately it wasn't a skin infection, it was untreatable mammary cancer and the treatment wasn't helping. Rather than put her through more, we decided on euthanasia.