Saturday, July 30, 2011

We agree with the Australian Egg Corp (for a change)

James Kellaway, managing director of the Australian Egg Corporation is quoted in The Age newspaper today as saying that definitions of egg-production processes should be enshrined in law. “We have definitions that are enforced by the industry but we want to make such definitions more robust and definitive … what we'd like to see is a definition that is clearly enunciated and enforced”.

That's exactly what we have been saying about the problems consumers have with the lack of a real definition of the term 'free range'.

It's great that at last the Egg Corp has come to the same realisation and hopefully they will help to push the Federal Government into making a decision!

The Free Range Farmers Association and the Free Range Egg and Poultry Association of Australia have been trying to get the Minister for Agriculture, (currently Senator Joe Ludwig) to take a serious look at introducing a real definition for 'free range'. So far successive Ministers have ignored us - but with the Egg Corporation also pushing we just might get somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of consumers are confused and wary of eggs marked free range because no one trusts the label. I for one pay more for free range and would like be assured that this label is legally binding and these animals are indeed free range

Anonymous said...

Well done for your stand on free range egg production and the way you care for your chooks! A happy chook is always going to produce lovely eggs and a free range home will produce a happy chook! People must understand that not all "free range" eggs are just that , some are still raised I totally unacceptable conditions. It's iortant that good people can make informed choices when buying their food products and be able to feel comfortable that they are doing their bit to ensure the welfare of animals.