Monday, February 13, 2012

A Lace Monitor - just travelling through

Low speed stroll across the paddock

When the dogs started barking this afternoon we thought someone might be coming to visit. Well someone was - this Lace Monitor. It was slowing wandering across one of the horse paddocks - and the horses weren't too sure what to do. It was about half grown - around four and a half feet long and it didn't take kindly to me strolling over to say hello.
Ater a deal of hissing and spitting at me, the monitor (or Tree Goanna) kept going through the fence into the next door property. Ducatti (one of the Maremmas), rather sensibly stayed out of the way.
It was the first one I've seen here for a year or so - but it might explain why some of the dogs go off at night, Maybe it's not just the foxes. 
Letting me know not to come any closer.

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Olive said...

What a beautiful creature and how lucky you are to have it pay a visit. I had a close encounter with a brown snake last week, it was coming from my veg garden, so you can imagine just how careful I am now !!