Monday, December 03, 2012

Hard to find real free range eggs

It's always been hard to find genuine free range eggs in Victoria but it is now even harder.

If your concept of 'free range' is that eggs are laid by hens that are not beak trimmed, that are run at a stocking density of 750 hens per hectare or less and that no manufactured colouring additives are allowed in the hens' feed – then you are up a gum tree unless you buy your eggs from us at Freeranger Eggs.

The only credible accreditation body which audited to those standards here in Victoria has relaxed its requirements.

It's a great disappointment to us, because we were proud to be part of an organisation which represented 'best practice' in free range egg farming in Australia, despite the big national push to allow intensive production methods. We will maintain the standards which our customers expect.

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