Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Coles' standard encourages 'Mickey Mouse' egg farms

Who would have thought that New South Wales cage egg industry heavyweight, Bede Burke from Tamworth, would join the fight against high density 'free range' production.

He is on record as saying that the Coles' drive for more free range eggs 'is an animal welfare disaster in the making.'

Mr Burke told the Tamworth City Times that profitability on free range farms was being driven down and they would become intensive open-air factories. He said it was already happening as Coles demanded more eggs from suppliers.

It looks all nice and populist for the consumer, but in reality it is encouraging cowboy operations. Coles demand for free range eggs is encouraging Mickey Mouse operations run with too many birds in bad facilities.”

We couldn't agree more with Mr Burke. That is exactly what Coles and the Australian Egg Corporation have done.

As a result, egg quality, freshness and food safety standards are being and will be compromised,” he added.

Good on Mr Burke for saying it like it is.

Bede Burke is Chair of the NSW Farmers Association Egg Group

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