Sunday, February 23, 2014

Egg stamping starts in November

The Piccolo, a six egg stanper. 30 egg and single egg stampers are also available as well
as inket or laser printers to fit on grading machines.

Time is running out for egg producers to meet the November deadline for stamping all eggs with a farm identification code.

Many farms have already started looking at what suits their businesses, and some have begun stamping already – but there seem to be quite a few who haven't yet begun their research.

A wide range of options is available for all sizes of egg producers – starting at around $50 for hand stampers for single eggs, six at a time or 30 egg trays.

Then there are inkjet printers which can be attached to graders starting at around $2000 – or even laser printers which don't require ink.

Details, including videos of a range of options is on the Freeranger website for Freeranger Club members.


Chris said...

Will the ink used, introduce a contaminant to the eggs?

freeranger said...

We are assured that the ink used is food grade so there should be no contamination.