Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Study indicates manganese improves eggshell quality

A study in China has shown that good levels of dietary manganese in poultry diets can benefit eggshell quality.

In the first eight weeks of a 12-week feeding trial, all hens in the study were fed a diet that met all nutrient requirements except for manganese. In the last four weeks of the trial, each group was fed one of three diets supplemented with manganese levels at 0, 25 or 100 mg/kg. Dietary manganese deficiency did not affect overall egg performance but supplementation significantly improved breaking strength, thickness and the toughness of eggshells.

This study indicated that dietary manganese supplementation improves eggshell quality by enhancing the quality and strength of the eggshell membrane, which affects the structure of eggshells.

Dietary manganese is found in whole grains, including soy beans, green leafy vegetables and pumpkin seeds.

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