Monday, January 07, 2019

Webinars on setting up a free range farm

Everyone can help to set up local small farms and secure sustainable farming, providing access to local food,while combating climate change Every community should be able to buy food from farmers in their area rather than rely on produce trucked from warehouses across the country Free range webinar participation The first webinar on setting up a free range farm is scheduled for World Egg Day, Friday October 11. A crowd funding appeal has been established to ensure a top quality presentation for participants. Anne and Phil Westwood at Freeranger Eggs are encouraging people to set up more free range farms to help meet strong consumer demand for genuine free range eggs. They are receiving local and overseas enquiries about the suitability for different climates of an eBook and webinars being developed for egg production. The answer is Yes, the information in the webinars and the eBook is applicable virtually anywhere. The only significant differences are in local regulations and climatic conditions. Clearly extreme weather will require special attention – as will potential predators. It’s rather different protecting chickens from wolves, Grizzly bears, lions or tigers compared with protecting them from foxes or Tasmanian Devils. A growing number of people realise that all eggs on supermarket shelves are from intensive production systems – no matter what the labels say. Details about the eBook and a crowd funding appeal for the webinars can be found on the Freeranger Eggs website. Please share the crowd funding appeal which is at:

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freeranger said...

Unfortunately the fundraising appeal has not worked and we have been unable to prepare graphics and other material to the standard required for a professional presentation. So the webinars cannot go ahead.