Monday, December 13, 2021

High protein feed needed for good eggs

 To maintain animal health and good lay rates, laying hens need a minimum protein content in their feed of about 17%.Cereal grains like wheat, barley, sorghum and maize are the main energy sources used by Australian poultry farmers. Protein and its constituent amino acids are mainly provided by vegetable sources such as soybean, canola, peas, other legumes and sunflowers, but animal by products, are often used. Some vegetable protein sources may be unbalanced in amino acids, but soybean is regarded as the best. Animal by-products like meat meal, meat-and-bone meal, blood meal, fish meal and feather meal are higher in protein content and their amino acids are more balanced than those of plant sources. Which is why they are included in poultry diets by virtually all intensive egg producers. A good reason not to buy eggs in stupidmarkets.fresh pumpkin seeds are amongst the best high-protein feeds available for a flock(30%).

Insect meals could potentially replace between 25 and 100% of the soymeal or fishmeal in animal feeds, according to a study in the US. At Freeranger Eggs, no animal products or coloring additives are in the feed we give our hens. They all have unrestricted access to pasture in addition to supplementary feed from a certified feed mill. Top quality eggs will only be laid by hens provided with top quality feed and running on pasture. If you have backyard hens, don't feed pellets if you want good eggs.They are bulked up with fillers and binders in the pelleting process - and colourings are nearly always added, which cause problems for some consumers.

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