Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Internet and phone service failed here today

 The farm NBN service wasn't working all day today, so we had no internet or phone. Thankfully it's working now, which is not as bad as the last time when we also lost power as a result of storm damage and spent many days without communication.

Unreliable telecommunications services following the construction of the National Broadband Network and the forced removal of landline telephones are a threat to Australia’s economy as well as lives. Not only is the whole system vulnerable to deliberate cyber attacks, it is often crashed by technical and weather-related issues. When the internet is down, home and business telephones as well as computer services and electronic payment systems stop working. It is understandable for major outages to happen during catastrophic storms or bushfires but even occasional fixed wireless maintenance work on a tower many miles away shuts down all communications here in Grantville and Glen Forbes. Lives are at risk when an emergency arises during a communications failure. Perhaps the Government feels secure in the knowledge that even when phone and internet work, emergency services are unable to find us because bureaucrats changed the physical address of our property from Grantville to Glen Forbes even though there is no access to us from Glen Forbes.

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freeranger said...

Following the all-day NBN outage on March 1 which removed all communication with the outside world. The service stopped again the next day at about 5.30pm in mid phone call. Why are we expected to pay for an inferior service? We need our landline back. We don’t know exactly when the service was restored but it was OK when we checked at 1.30 am this morning'