Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kangaroo Apple for shade and protection

Kangaroo Apples are among the plants we are encouraging in the range areas for our hens. They grow quickly and can provide shade and protection – as well as a food source for the birds.

The green fruits gradually turn orange and then red when ripe and the hens love them.

Hopefully by next summer all our paddocks will have sizeable stands of these shrubs which grow to about 3 metres tall and spread about 4 metres.

The fruits should also help to keep yolk colour looking good during dry  summers.
As you can see, a Kangaroo Apple covers quite an area and it only takes a few months to give the birds protection. And one of the great things is that when the hens eat the fruits, they pass the seeds out in their manure and hundreds of new plants pop up  - how's that for sustainability!

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