Friday, February 26, 2010

Snake bite a bit of a worry

We had a flury of activity on the farm on Wednesday night when Anne was bitten on the leg by a Tiger snake (probably) at around 9.30pm. It was dark as she went through one of the gates so she didn't see what bit her but we know that a large tiger snake hangs around that area.
She went into the grading room and rang me (because I wasn't on the farm). It took me about 10 minutes to get there and when I saw the two puncture wounds, we put on a tight bandage, bundled her into her car, rang 000 and headed for Dandenong Hospital.  It would have taken too long for an ambulance to get here so I thought it would be far quicker to take her myself.
The ambulance phone operator rang ahead to make sure Dandenong Hospital had anti-venene on hand. At 120 - 130kmh it took almost an hour to get there and she was wheeled into the emergency room straight away.
After a couple of hours when everything seemed to be stable and the blood tests were looking good. I went back to the farm to check on the dogs etc as we had left everything in a bit of hurry. I also emailed a couple of people who I was supposed to be meeting later in the morning. Then back to the hospital at about 5am by which time they were just about ready to kick her out.
We arrived back home around 7am.
I must say the staff in the emergency department at Dandenong were terrific!!

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