Monday, December 01, 2014

Climate manipulation could damage all agricultural production - and everything on the planet

When you look up, what do you see? In the future, if you sometimes see strange patterns of thick vapour trails in the sky – they may not be just condensation trails from a high flying jet – you could be witnessing the results of a chemical seeding program in the upper atmosphere. A program which involves an Australian company.

The proposed chemtrail sprays have various elements like carbon which can be used to absorb microwaves. Some of these sprays include metal flakes intended to make aircraft invisible to radar. Known as Spoofer sprays, they may be used to create  magnetised plasmas to cloak fighter jets.

The spraying of aluminium, barium and sulphur into the upper atmosphere has been planned for some years and complements a major multinational experiment known as HAARP – High frequency Active Aural Research Project, built in Alaska, which is intended to help develop a global surveillance and communication system as well as controlling climatic conditions for military purposes. The program is mainly funded by the US Air Force, US Navy and the shadowy UK body, Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. A spin-off from that Agency is BAE Australia with a head office in South Australia. BAE provides military systems and equipment to the Australian defence forces and operates the Williamstown shipyard in Victoria.

 Russia started field testing climate geoengineering in the atmosphere in 2009, but the US is reported to be close behind. The issue of unmarked military aircraft (tankers) dumping tonnes of chemicals into the atmosphere has been reported in many countries but there is no hard evidence  hat it is currently happening.It is known that Russia's version of HAARP, began to be built at Vasilsursk in the 1980's.

For those who are dubious about widespread international attempts at Geoengineering, here's a paper from the Office of Australia's Chief Scientist on the issue. It looks particularly at pumping sulphate aerosols into the upper atmosphere to prevent sunlight from reaching the earth.…/47019_Chief-Scientist-_O…
For  more insight, here are some views of Professor Clive Hamilton who likens the prospects of
geoengineering to Stanley Kubricks' film Dr Strangelove. Prof Hamilton advises that geoengineering is not currently underway.

Major news organisations here in Australia dismiss this as simply a conspiracy theory with a few loony followers. They ignore the many academics and scientists who have expressed their concerns and t5he huge volume of data and photographs avalable on the web. Here's a paper from the European Parliament - they take it seriously:

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