Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eco Eggs in court over 'free range' claims

It seems that the big players in Australia's egg industry still don't recognise that their days of conning consumers are over. The latest big operators to face court over false 'free range' claims are the Port Stephens companies behind the Eco Eggs brand which is sold in major supermarkets across Australia.

As with Pirovic Enterprises which was fined $300,000 for false labelling, Eco Eggs hasn't being doing anything differently from dozens of other major egg producers who have set up their businesses to meet the standards endorsed by the Australian Egg Corporation. Eco Eggs realised that they were doing something wrong when Choice presented them with a Shonky Award in 2013.  Big operators should have seen the writing on the wall - but the lure of the huge dollars to be made out of their dodgy labels blinded them to the reality of their position.  The ACCC just has to walk around the major supermarkets to take to court just about every  business behind  eggs labelled as free range.d It will be easy pickings for them.

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