Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Effective industry standards and regulations may be on the Government agenda

The big playeers in the Australian egg industry are desperately trying to manipulate the outcome of the Federal Government's White paper on agriculture.
Poultry industry consultations with Australan Govenment representatives were held in Sydney on November 6. The sessions will help develop an Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, which will form the Federal Government's plans for the agriculture sector.

Industry participants apparently considered that a standards regulatory body and government endorsed quality assurance teams were preferable to following the agendas of third parties. They acknowledged the benefits of approved farming schemes (such as RSPCA accreditation) but said that the quasi-regulations and accompanying audits add to the administrative burden for poultry farmers.

Farm biosecurity, critical for maintaining productivity and access to export markets, was raised in the context of small farmers and backyarders.

Participants agreed that while there was an important place for small farmers and backyarders, it was vital to include them under the net of biosecurity arrangements.

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