Sunday, October 04, 2015

Australia should pull all troops out of the Middle East

How dare the Americans criticise Russia for bombing terrorists in Syria when US-led coalition forces deliberately targetted a hospital in Afghanistan. Enough is enough, the Australian Government should immediately withdraw its support for military action in the Middle East which is doing nothing but increase tensions, resentment and even hatred for our western so-called civilisation. The most effective way to counter the radicalisation of Muslim youths is to stop killing people in the Middle East. Australians have no business being there, The rise of ISIL can be directly related to the war in Afghanistan, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the destabilisation of Libya and Syria. It is the fault of our Government, the US and UK. We will all be paying a terrible price for years to come. Quite apart from the human pain caused by generating this conflict, the financial cost is horrendous. Australian can easily save more than $15 billion a year by scaling down our military extravagances. A realistic look at Australia's defence requirements, taking likely threats into account, demonstrates where significant savings could be made. We currently do not have a defence department or a Defence Minister, they are rather a War Department and Minister. A strategic look at our defence requirements is what's needed for the Government to get a grip on reality.

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