Saturday, October 17, 2015

Major egg producers trying to con Federal and State Ministers over egg standards

Major egg producers have organised their submission to the Federal Government and State Ministers for Consumer Affairs on production standards for free range eggs. Their proposal (if accepted by the Ministers) would make it even easier for unscrupulous egg producers to dupe consumers and provide them with some protection from prosecution by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Their views run counter to those of free range egg farmers – and many consumers. Here is the media release from Egg Farmers Australia with their propsed definition: 16 October 2015   AUSTRALIAN EGG FARMERS UNITED ON FREE RANGE   Representatives of Egg Farmers Australia have reaffirmed their unity on a definition for free range in response to the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement on Free Range egg labelling (RIS). Representatives from Egg Farmers Australia met in Sydney yesterday (Thursday) to discuss an industry response to the RIS and affirmed that they were united in their approach. EFA spokesperson John Coward said: “Australian egg farmers are committed to getting consumers the egg they want with information they understand. We want consumers to have complete confidence in the production systems which underpin free range and the labelling that is used to describe those eggs. “ “I want every consumer to know that Egg Farmers Australia has heard the calls for clarity. And we have responded. “Today, farmers from across Australia stand together and call for an end to the confusion on free range eggs. We are proud of the eggs we produce and we stand behind our production systems.  “Our farms do not exist without our customers - earning and retaining their confidence is core business for us. “As a result of our meeting we have agreed to ask Treasury to formally legislate in Australian Consumer Law the EFA definition of free range. “Our definition is that laying hens have access to and are free to roam and forage on an outdoor range area during daylight hours in a managed environment. “Getting the definition right is a critical one for our industry - it’s important to strike a balance between providing surety for our farmers and transparency for our consumers,” Mr Coward concluded. EFA members are the Victorian Farmers’ Federation Egg Group, NSW Farmers’ Association Egg Committee, Commercial Egg Producers Association of Western Australia, Tasmanian Commercial Egg Producers Association, Queensland United Egg Producers and South Australian Local Egg Section.   Media Contact: John Coward or 0407 622 166 Anyone who would like to express an opinion on what they think 'free range' should mean, please make a submission to the Government enwquiry. You can do that on line at

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