Saturday, October 10, 2015

Call for submissions on "free range' definition

Now's your chance to help create a realistic definition for the eggs you choose to buy, The Federal Government is undertaking a consultation period which ends on November 2 to help Ministers establish effective egg labelling laws. The most important change is to ensure thefre is a clear and simple definition for free range eggs. The consultation aims to gather additional evidence on the extent of the problem and the likely impacts of the proposed policy options including likely costs and benefits to consumers, producers and other stakeholders. The evidence will then be used to assess the regulatory impact of any information standard. You can make an online submission here: Our view is staightforward - enshrine the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Domestic Poultry, that's all the Ministers need to do to drive the crooks out of the industry and give consumers certainty when they buy eggs. The last thing all of us in the industry need is more labelling regulations - there is already too much clutter on labels. Suggestions that producers should include a chicken stocking density on the label is absurd. As long as a density is legislated, that's all that's needed. Unscrupulous producers currently put anything they like on their labels even though the claims are false. So adding a stocking density on labels will not provide any more certainty for consumers. Shonky producers will not hesitate to include a false stocking density if required by new regulations.

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