Sunday, April 04, 2010

Excellent market at Churchill Island

We had an excellent Farmers' Market at Churchill Island on Good Friday. The weather was kind to us and enough people came along to make it a busy day.
Our garlic and chillies sold well, as did the eggs and there were heaps of new customers (which is expected during the holidays).
It's a pity that the market manager is not pushing for the market (and Inverloch which he also runs) to be accredited by the Victorian Farmers Markets Association. We would certainly be more comfortable if it was recognised as a genuine farmers' market - at present there are a number of stalls which do not meet the criteria for VFMA accreditation but that could be rectified with little effort (or revenue loss for the manager).
We will be trying out a new Farmers' Market at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula which is being held on the fourth Sunday every month.
And next Saturday will probably be our last Pakenham Farmers' Market unless there is a dramatic increase in the number of customers. There has been no improvement since the change from Pakenham Racecourse to behind the Cultural Centre. It will be a pity to stop going because we have supported the market for years  but it's a decision that has to be made. There are heaps of things that need to be done on the farm which are more productive than standing around for five or six hours to sell 20 or 30 dozen eggs.

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