Monday, April 12, 2010

Unloading pallets of cartons just part of the chores

We had a delivery this week of two pallets of egg cartons and five pallets of carboard outer boxes (which each hold 15 dozen eggs. I unloaded them with the forks attached to my front end loader and put them in the shed out of the rain.
But that's just the start. They needed to go upstairs to the storage area. So 56 boxes of egg cartons (28 per pallet) have been lugged up the stairs and so far one pallet of outer boxes (400 of them) have now made it up there.
I don't know why people need to pay to go the gym for exercise - they can come here and I won't charge them a thing!
Hopefully some other egg farmers will buy a pallet or two of the outer boxes before I have to carry them up into storage.
There's nothing worse than running out of cartons and discovering there's a three week delay in getting new ones so we always buy reasonable quantities of cartons and boxes to ensure that we have plenty on hand when needed.

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