Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ranking well on Google is good but what benefit in being No 1?

In this modern age, electronics play a key role in life, a website is essential for any business – but there is no need for it to be a costly undertaking. We set up our own website using the Weebly platform and have undertaken Search Engine optmisation ourselves. A professional SEO operator may have done a better job but it probably would not have been cost effective. Our eggs already regularly sell out so there is no economic benefit in being number1 on Google – which the SEO people say they can do for us. A higher ranking cannot inctrease our sales because each week we have nothing left to sell..

On our latest check of search engine optimisation, appears to be ranking well on Google for keywords such as freerange eggs. Analysis suggests we need to increase the number of referring domains – we currently have just 58 compared with 972 for Australian Eggs.

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